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Mekaku City: Kanna Tsuruoka by Kazumi-Senpai Mekaku City: Kanna Tsuruoka by Kazumi-Senpai

My last art before going to hiatus I swear ;u;

:bulletgreen: Name: Kanna [かんな] Tsuruoka [鶴岡]
:bulletgreen: Age: 16
:bulletgreen: Date of Birth: 15 September
:bulletgreen: Height: 159cm
:bulletgreen: Weight: 47
:bulletgreen: Sexual Preference: Bisexual

:bulletgreen: Eye power: Drawing Eyes

:bulletgreen: Personality:
Kanna is always cheerful and proud of herself. She sometimes becomes too proud and snobbish. She have always kept her feelings to herself so when she's upset, she doesn't show it and instead she hides it with a smile. Other than that, she is very energetic and out going, always wanting to take the lead and become a good leader. She is also stubborn at times, doesn't wanting people to have different opinion than her. Because of her stubborn personality, she is easily annoyed by people. 

:bulletgreen: Biography:
Kanna lives with her parents and is an only child. Being an only child, she gets all the attention and her parents spoiled her. She also try to be number one in everything to make her parents proud either it being academic or hobbies. In school, she was also the center of attention, gaining so many followers who admires her.

But then her happiness doesn't last long until her last year of middle school. A transfer student comes, in which he is better than her at everything, stealing her spot light. Because of this, all of her followers at school follows the transfer student instead of her. It was around this time as well that her parents got busy with their job and doesn't pay as much attention to Kanna as they did before. With this frustrating her, she wished every night before she sleeps so that people would pay more attention to her. 

And then one day, when Kanna was going home late because of class rep's stuff in school with the transfer student, Kanna was really annoyed with him and decided to leave him, marching without looking to where she's going. It was then, when the materials from an unfinished building, falls down all at once to where Kanna was heading. Before having some time to think, the transfer student ran and protected Kanna from all the damage and they entered the Heat Haze together with only Kanna surviving. 

Waking up in the hospital with minor damages, she was surprised by how the transfer student protected her. She then felt guilty and somewhat responsible for his death and then many people starts to gather around at her at school again. At first she was somewhat happy because people were finally gathering around her, but also feeling guilty of the transfer student's death. But the amount of people were too big and wasn't what she expected. 

Her parents also started to pay attention to her too. And not wanting any more danger upon her, their parents got her to learn martial arts for self defense. In school, her everyday lives comes back with people gathering around her. But she realized something was wrong and not too long, she got sick of all the people around her. The amount keep on increasing and she doesn't understand what to do. 

She then realized her eyes were going red when she looked in the mirror and was surprised. Scared of her eye color changing, she was panicking and this was when one of the member of Mekakushi Dan comes to her and explains her powers.

:bulletgreen: Likes:
-Social Websites like Tumblr, Twitter etc etc
-The color green
-Fun people
-Junk Food like burgers, french fries etc etc

:bulletgreen: Dislikes:
-People ignoring her
-Not getting noticed by others
-People not agreeing with her opinion
-Waiting for people
-People who are "depressing" or "not fun"

:bulletgreen: Misc:
-She is usually seen wearing green outfits
-She only wear her hoodie when she goes out of her house
-She once consider about being a shut-in Neet because of the massive attention people gave her
-Never gets her hair pin off
-Her cooking looks terrible but it tastes delicious
-Likes organizing events and stuff
-Can protect herself with martial arts
-She's trying to be more feminine 

:bulletgreen: Relationships:

TBA :iconforeveraloneplz:
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Neko-Meep Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
she looks really cute!!! >W<
Kazumi-Senpai Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! :iconloveloveplz:
Neko-Meep Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
no problem ^^
SugoiMiko Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
so adorable!! <3 we should rp sometime!
Kazumi-Senpai Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank youuu :iconsnugplz: yes we should~
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